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For infidelity. If you think your partner or spouse is being unfaithful, get in touch with us.

If you think that your partner or spouse is cheating on you, there are a few different ways that a private investigator can get evidence. This is a very common case for us. When you get in touch with us we guarantee we’ll approach it with empathy and professionalism. And we can answer your questions knowing that we’ve dealt with this issue many times before.

We’ve also created a guide on how to tell if your partner or spouse is being unfaithful.

Here are some common questions we get asked.

Can you put a GPS tracking device on their vehicle?

There are some situations where it is legal to track a vehicle. We can only put a tracking device on it with the consent of one of the registered owners of the vehicle. So if you are one of the owners of the vehicle your partner drives, it may be ok.

Can you monitor their phone or computer?

In most cases, no. We certainly can’t ‘hack’ into any of their electronic devices. However, you, as their partner, may be able to monitor some of their behaviour. Especially if you share accounts or devices. And you may be able to pick up on any behavioural or habit changes which could indicate infidelity.

Can you follow my partner?

Yes. Surveillance is one of the most common ways to get proof that they’re being unfaithful. This includes conducting surveillance on their house, or following them on foot or in a vehicle. We can find out a lot by following someone, and we do this type of work all the time.

Can you provide photo or video evidence?

Yes, however there are some limitations under the Privacy Act 2020. A simplified version is that we can take photos or video of someone in a public place where there is no expectation of privacy. So we could photograph them together in a restaurant, at a park etc. We wouldn’t be able to photograph them inside a house, or another area where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. However, we may be able to observe and report on what we see inside their house if it’s from a public place (without taking photos).

How much will it cost to investigate them?

This really depends on how much information you can give us up front, and how secretive your partner is.

Surveillance is a big unknown. Sometimes we can watch them for hours or even days and see nothing, in other cases they meet up with their lover almost straight away.

In most cases, you’d be looking at a minimum of two night’s surveillance which may be around $800 + GST. We can’t guarantee we’ll see something, but the more background information we have the better.


  • Planning, reporting and investigation (per agent)
  • $100 + GST per hour, $1.00 + GST per km

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