Whether you want someone followed or a premises watched, we can do it.

Here at iSolve we’ve done a lot of surveillance, and it will always be one of our main areas of expertise.

Most cases involve some element of surveillance, whether its stationary (fixed) or moving surveillance, we’ve done it. We have dedicated surveillance vehicles that can blend in, in most environments. Our agents are trained in vehicle and foot follow and have honed their skills on many previous cases.

We are also one of the only private investigation agencies in NZ to use surveillance motorcycles. This can be crucial to not losing a subject in Auckland traffic and potentially missing the evidence you’re after. Many other surveillance agents only use cars, and can quickly lose their subject, especially in rush hour.

Our agents will get photo and video footage of their target depending on what your requirements are.

We usually recommend a two-agent surveillance team, but we have options for single-agent surveillance as well. A good surveillance operation will require significant planning and subsequent reporting. Allow at least 1-2 hours on top of the actual surveillance, depending on how complex the operation is.

If you’re wanting to know the movements, activities and associates of someone, or you want a building or asset watched, get in touch.


  • Planning, reporting and surveillance (per agent)
  • $100 + GST per hour, $1.00 + GST per km
  • Surveillance motorcycle, same price

3 hour minimum charge. Surveillance isn’t just driving somewhere and watching. There’s planning, travel time, and reporting. The agent will usually be there early to set up and get the right position. Then there’s the chance that the subject does something unexpected and we’re required to follow them for longer. So we need to block out a chunk of time, meaning we can’t book other cases over that time. 

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