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Our standard rates for investigations, surveillance, tracing, background checks and more. All prices include GST.

Special offer for new clients

  • $390 for 5 hours of general investigation, enquiries, surveillance
  • Up to 50km mileage

A great choice if you’re wanting us to briefly look into things so you can decide what to do next. We can find out a lot in 5 hours.

General investigations

  • $90 per hour
  • 90c per km

For all general enquiries. Let us know what we can solve for you.

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  • $90 per hour
  • 90c per km

Whether you want someone followed or a premises watched, we can do it. We are also one of the only agencies in NZ to use surveillance motorcycles. This can be a great option in traffic where there is a high chance of losing someone.

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Finding someone in NZ

  • $50 basic check

If you need to trace or locate someone in NZ, including missing persons. We will search various private databases, public records, social media, and online. If we can’t find them with a basic check,  we can do a more comprehensive check which includes interviews and site visits. This would be charged at $90 per hour and 90c per km.

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Peace of mind checks

  • From $390

Do you often wonder what your teenager or loved one is up to? We can discreetly find out for you. A night or two of surveillance can put your mind at ease, or identify risk areas.

Case study on a peace of mind check.

Cheating partner investigations

  • $90 per hour
  • 90c per km

For all infidelity or domestic matters. If you’re wondering whether your partner is being unfaithful, give us a call.

Articles on infidelity investigations.

GPS tracking

  • From $50

In some situations it is legal to place a GPS tracker on a vehicle. If you need to track a vehicle or an asset, let us know.

Background checks

  • $90 per hour
  • 90c per km

There are many reasons why you may need a background check including: pre-employment, dating etc. We can help.

Articles on background checks.

Asset searches

  • $50

We can find out property ownership and transfers, shareholdings and directorships past or present and bankruptcy or insolvency.

Articles on asset searches.

Document or process serving

  • $175 Auckland (up to 3 attempts, 60km mileage)
  • Enquire for the rest of NZ

We can serve trespass notices, witness summons, court orders, divorce proceedings and more.

Articles on document service.

Child support investigations

  • $90 per hour
  • 90c per km

If you need evidence to support or enforce child support payments, or have a custody case, get in touch.

Articles on child support and custody.

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Some other things we can do

Aside from the areas we specialise in above, we can also undertake investigations in other areas, including commercial or insurance cases. Get in touch if you require any of these services. If we can’t do it, we can refer you to someone who can.

  • Commercial, fraud and theft investigations
  • Security reviews, audits and property security
  • Loss prevention and staff training
  • CCTV, security cameras and systems
  • Cyber security and computer forensics
  • De-bugging and counter surveillance
  • Mystery shopping and competitor analysis
  • Industrial espionage investigations
  • AML, KYC and CFT
  • Corruption, conflict of interest
  • Trademarks, intellectual property and copyright
  • Due diligence
  • Personal and executive close protection
  • Identity theft and scams
  • Police vetting and screening, criminal history checks
  • Staff issues
  • Drug testing
  • Debt collection
  • Evidence gathering and witness statements
  • Stolen property and asset recovery
  • Legal, litigation and defence support
  • Insurance investigations
  • Defamation and reputation management
  • Personal matters and investigations
  • Genealogy and family

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