A number of years ago we were retained by a family to follow their daughter for a weekend. She was in her very late teens, and would arrive home around 6pm every night. She’d have dinner with her parents, not say much, then at 10pm her boyfriend would pick her up and they wouldn’t see her until 6pm the following night. This happened every day.

They wanted to know what she was doing during that time. Was she involved with drugs? Prostitution? Something else? They simply didn’t know, and wouldn’t get answers from her.

So we followed her for four days. Every night she would hit the town with her boyfriend. Drinking, dancing, hanging out with friends. And then at around 5am every morning he would dutifully drive her to his house where she would sleep until after midday. Then she’d run some errands, and turn up at her parents house at 6pm again. She was doing this every single night.

I can’t say it was an enviable life, and I would hate to see the state of her liver. All things considered, she didn’t look particularly happy. But at least she wasn’t in to anything worse. We were able to give a certain amount of peace of mind to her parents, but she definitely needed some sort of challenge and direction in her life.

As private investigators it’s not our job to change people’s behaviour. But we can get you all the facts so you can make a plan to move forward. If you need to find out what someone is up to, let us know.

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