A typical commercial case would be a medium to large company that has an under-performing department. It may be a nationwide chain, where one or two stores don’t seem to be doing as well as the rest of them. Or it may be a distributor who seems to have a lot of shrinkage / stock write-offs, or their overheads keep going up.

In any case, the managers have usually done a certain amount of looking into it themselves, and have decided there’s something fishy going on. That’s where they call us.

It doesn’t take us too long to see who the key people might be, and what they’re doing. Usually that involves surveillance, discreet enquiries and a look into financial records and computer files. Once we’ve got enough evidence, we’d go in on a certain day, interview everyone and complete our case file. From there it’s up to the company what they want to do. Often these cases don’t go to court or make the news. The managers or owners just want to fix the problem and move on without too much negative publicity or intrusion.

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