Yes! If you need to do an asset search to locate the assets of a business or person within NZ or Australia, as part of your court proceedings, we can help.

We have access to a number of databases, and can help locate the following for either a company or an individual:

  • Residential or commercial property ownership
  • Mortgage(s)
  • Past property transfers
  • Shareholdings past or present
  • Directorships past or present
  • Property co-ownership past or present
  • Global company affiliations
  • Bankruptcy or insolvency

On top of this, you may want us to conduct surveillance or other enquiries to uncover any assets that aren’t on any database. Either way, feel free to get in touch.

Can we help you? If you need a P.I. in Auckland contact us on 09 391 1100 or for a chat.

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