“I just don’t understand how he’s able to travel overseas, renovate his house, and buy a new car, when his taxable income is so low he can only pay $6 in child support each week” read the email that came through on Kit’s phone.

‘Another child support dispute’ thought Kit. The second one this week. The amount of ex-partners who leave their kids to the other partner, take off to another city, and suddenly have no taxable income. All while appearing to live the high life on social media.

All stories like this are tragic. But this one more so given the mother had really struggled the last couple of years. So many mothers give up on getting any support, the process through family court is so difficult.

Kit would see what he could do to help.

All Kit Bradley stories are adapted from real P.I. cases, to show you the many ways a private investigator can help. Some details have been changed to protect privacy.

A few searches of registered properties and companies didn’t bring anything up. ‘Potentially he doesn’t make much money‘ Kit thought. But his Facebook page suggested otherwise.

Not much else online, until Kit came across a small ad in a regional newspaper. Services offered. Painting and decorating. Good rates. Along with some contact details including the man’s name.

Sure enough, after Kit requested an anonymous quote. The father was available for work, had a bit on at the moment, and would offer a really good rate for cash paid.

All of this gets put in a report for the client. Will the family court or IRD take enforcement action? That’s up to them. But Kit has presented the facts.

Hopefully the next couple of years for his client are a lot better than the last.

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