While technology may have made it easier to be unfaithful, it can also help us catch that cheating partner.

Most infidelity cases involve physical surveillance. An agent watching and following the subject. But an increasing number of cases also involve us using GPS tracking devices.

As private investigators, were always looking out for new tools that can help us solve cases. And although GPS trackers have been around for years, they’re getting better and better.

Recently a client came to us suspecting their partner was cheating on them. We came up with a surveillance plan for the subject’s workplace, home address and other locations of interest. Our client was also one of the registered owners of the vehicle the subject used, so we were able to place a GPS tracker on it.

So in conjunction with the physical surveillance plan we were also able to build up a picture of their movements, even when we weren’t watching them.

After a few surveillance shifts there were no real leads to go on, so we ended the physical surveillance. But we left the tracker on, with the plan to keep monitoring their movements for a couple of weeks. After a week we had a pretty good picture of their movements. Work, home, the gym, various cafes. All known about by their spouse and nothing suspicious.

The next week looked to be the same. We had geofenced their known locations, so we’d get an alert if they went out of those areas.

Late in the second week we got a ping. They were headed to an unknown area they hadn’t visited before. And they were supposed to be going to the gym. We immediately sent an agent out. The subject parked outside a residential address, and our agent arrived about 15 minutes later.

He didn’t see the subject enter, but he saw them exit an hour later. Not only that, he saw a second person exit with them. They kissed for a while before the subject got in their vehicle and drove away. Our agent got all of this on camera.

Some further enquiries revealed that the second person was a former partner of the subject, as is often the case with infidelity. Our client thought they hadn’t seen each other in years.

With the evidence presented, our client was able to make a plan to move forward with the correct information. And the tool that helped us break the case open was the GPS tracker. Aside from 24/7 surveillance, we wouldn’t have found them out.

GPS tracking can be a great tool to discover movements, patterns and uncover things we may not have found out any other way. If you need to track someone, or want to know how GPS tracking may help you, get in touch.

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