A common case we get is when parents need us to check on one of their children. Their child may have moved to Auckland to study or work, and the parents are in a different city or country.

They’ve started to become concerned about their child’s behaviour based on what they’ve seen on social media, or heard from others. They feel like they’re not getting the full truth from their child. And any time they raise it with them it ends in an argument or the child not talking to them.

Sometimes our client may not be the parents. We can also investigate the beneficiary of a trust. In some cases the trust deed specifies that the beneficiary must meet certain conditions in order to receive the benefit of the trust. The executor may suspect that the beneficiary is not meeting them so will ask us to check and get proof.

In both cases, often the concerns are around:

  • Gambling
  • Drugs and alcohol abuse
  • Romantic relationships
  • Associates
  • Depression
  • Harmful relationships
  • Being taken advantage of
  • Financial issues
  • Other unsafe or concerning behaviours or circumstances

They need us to do lifestyle surveillance on the subject, as well as other enquiries.

A huge concern is ensuring the child doesn’t know that they’ve hired a private investigator to check on them, as that would only further strain the relationship.

We can help, and this is something we do often. Usually we’ll start by conducting some discreet enquiries to see what we can find out. Then we’ll come up with a surveillance plan that covers a full week, including weekends. This will give us an idea of their habits, patterns, lifestyle, and living arrangements.

We can usually find out:

  • Home and work details
  • Vehicle ownership
  • Relationships and associates
  • Weekly schedule
  • Some spending habits
  • Alcohol and drug habits
  • Other relevant details

The more surveillance we do, the more we find out. We keep the client up to date regularly so they have compete control over the investigation and budget.

If you’re concerned about your child or someone else you have a responsibility for, get in touch.

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