Do you need to find out where a person, vehicle or asset is at any given time? GPS tracking may be a great, cost-effective option for you.

With a GPS tracker you can keep updated in real-time. And you can build up a pattern of movements over an extended period of time. GPS tracking is an incredibly powerful tool that can assist in many investigations by providing up-to-date evidence and intelligence.

We regularly use GPS trackers on our cases, usually combined with our surveillance services. We can provide detailed reports, or even give the client access to the tracker in order to monitor it live.

There are a few ways that a GPS tracking device can help, but they can be broadly split into two different areas. Commercial cases and domestic cases.

Commercial cases

You may want to know where your company vehicles are being taken, and when. Or you may be wanting to track another asset of yours.

Some use cases include:

  • Seeing where an employee is going in the company car. Are they really making those sales calls, or are they going to work for a competitor?
  • Tracking a high value asset if there have been instances of those assets going missing regularly.
  • Ensuring company vehicles are being used responsibly and within the speed limit.

Domestic cases

You may suspect your spouse is visiting someone else, or you may want to know what your teenager is up to in your car.

Some use cases include:

  • Seeing where your partner is going, as part of an infidelity investigation.
  • During a peace-of-mind check on your teenager. Are they being truthful with where they’re going and who they’re associating with?
  • Ensuring your child is operating your vehicle responsibly and within the speed limit.
  • Tracking expensive assets (e.g. paintings, memorabilia) during a routine relocation.

Either way, placing a GPS tracking device on a vehicle can be perfectly legal. There are laws that govern the use of them though. Contact us to discuss whether GPS tracking could be suitable for your case.

We can hire our trackers out for short or extended periods of time.

The GPS tracker will record:

  • Real-time location
  • Direction of movement
  • Speed
  • Any stopping points and how long it’s stopped
  • Historic data while the tracker has been in place

iSolve uses high-quality, advanced GPS tracking devices that have been tested and proven in the field. There are a number of cheap alternatives on the market, but they tend to fail just when you need them the most (we know, we’ve tested them!). They can be inaccurate, and their interface and information provided is basic. Another key thing is knowing where to place them, so they’re not discovered, they don’t fall off, and they still get a signal!

So if it’s worth tracking, it’s worth getting a professional device and placement.

If you think tracking someone or something by GPS might be suitable for you, get in touch now.

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